Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
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You may have guessed by now that Julie loves owls. In fact, they are everywhere around our home, in every room, nook and cranny. Not real owls, of course, but owl ornaments, pictures, books, cups, collectables and more plush toy owls than you can poke a stick at (but please don't ever do that). It seems that owls have now become an unavoidable part of our lives. Indeed, one way or another, you learn to live with them.

Every owl in our home has a name, an individual personnality and its own favourite spot, apparently. It is "true", of course, that if you can't find your car keys, your glasses or the TV remote control, then "The owls must have taken it!". If something is broken then it's, "The owls did it!". If you happen to do something wrong, then it's "What would the owls say?".

After a while, it is just easier to imagine that they are real, as they provide some sort of reference, commentary and even order to all the other weird things in our lives. Who can complain? They are cheaper than pets and they don't even mind if you sit on them. Visitors, of course, are too polite to comment and our family and friends don't even mention it, anymore. Look, it may very well turn out that this is some form of mental insanity, but in our case, who would even notice? Anyway, herein lies some of the ways that owls have infected affected us:
  1. Our first encounter with real owls: Morepork of the Whirinaki
  2. Julie's own Library promotion program: OWLs in the Library
  3. An owl story: Abbot and Costello's adventure
Doc will greet you at the door, but please don't ask him what he is reading or he will complain that you have made him loose his place, again!
Introducing our House Owls
I believe the the term "House Owls" is a conflation of J.K. Rowling's inventions of "House Elves" and "Postal Owls" in her "Harry Potter" series. In the movie, there is a scene at the "Dursleys" in "Privet Lane" where their house is inundated by hundreds of owls of every description. The similarity, here, cannot be understated.

Short for the Maori word for Morepork (Ruru) he was the first owl in our family. Over the years he has got a little bit shabby from too much love - just like the skin horse in the "The veveteen rabbit".

She is a baby snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus). Loved by Julie's primary school kids when she visits the library.

Dopey, who is wearing his new knitted beanie, sits on the top of the bookshelf. Whenever you gaze at Dopey, it is quite impossible not to feel like a snooze, yourself.

Unlike Dopey, Sleepy has nodded off completely. Owls are nocturnal creatures in real life. While people are diurnal. Sleepy, wearing her bed hat, that Julie made, has the best of both worlds!
Maisy, Hughy, Duey and Louey
Maisy has triplet boys. They are a handful. Julie has knitted them monogrammed beanies.

The Professor
Head of Operation World Literacy (OWL), the Professor is a Powerful Owl (Ninox Strenua) and our largest owl.

Lumpy is full of beans, literally, that's why we call her Lumpy.
Boo and Hemminway are both Bed Owls: It is a fact that hand puppets do not sit properly on the beadhead.
In the morning they will have fallen off their perch and you will find them in the bed.
He often falls off the beadhead down the back of the matress. His worst nightmare is hearing the words: "Where are the long BBQ tongs?"

Barney is a Barn owl (Tyto Alba).
Marty (Feldman)
A very funny owl.

Paddington Bear (Not an Owl)
Came home with us after our trip to Paddington Station in the UK.

Tawny (Frogmouth - Not an owl)
Has survived the Eureka Skydeck Edge Ecperience.

Psychedelic owl - will hypnotise you if you look too closely.

Our tiniest owl. Named after Harry Potter's owl.

Likes to plummet from the beadhead.

An extremely soft and cuddly owl. If you have every held a real owl you would know how amazingly light and soft they really are.

Angry Bird (Not an owl)
Would have been even more angry if not included here!

Green Eye (Not sure what)
Pehistoric creature with luminescent eyes. Freighted the stuffing out of me the first time I went see where the glow was coming from in the dark!

Blah Blah
Goes on and on and on.

Yin and Yang
Like Abbot and Costello, always together.

A bit of a wag.

A bit twichy.

Very sweet.

Quite a fluffy owl.

She loves reading books.
Loves to comment about everything.

Always happy to see you.

He's got his eye on you! He never blinks though.

Who is always very surprised. At anything.

The owls who live on the top of the bookcase perfer to be called "Book Owls" and not "Book Ends".
The wombats live below, wrapped in their knitted blankets.
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