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Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
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Library Quest
OWL Agents are constantly researching all the best library books, but there are always a few questions that even they can't answer. Can you help them? Use your research skills to find the answer to the questions below. Start by reading and thinking about the question and the hint provided. Is the author, title or subject of a book mentioned? If so, use the Library Catalogue to find it. Is a character or keyword in a book mentioned? These may also appear in the Library Catalogue or help you find the subject. "Seek and you shall find" is the OWL's motto. So get cracking! If you are the first to send in an answer to any of the following questions you can earn one OWL Merit Point!

Simply click on the "Answer" link below to submit your answer by e-mail (well o-mail actually) to OWL Headquarters. Don't forget to include your name - if you have logged in as "student". Good luck.
OWL Agent Doc
Library Quest Officer
1. Name the slave-girl friend of Prince Ramose
For more than a year, Prince Ramose has been living in disguise, traveling without rest to get back to the royal palace where he can regain his place as heir to the throne of Egypt.

2. Where is the Green Sheep?
Mem Fox has never owned a sheep, let alone a green one, but she does admit to having woolly thoughts from time to time.

3. Where was the treasure found on "Treasure Island"?
As we neared the spot marked "X" on the map, a pirate up ahead began to shout. But he hadn't found treasure… He'd found a skeleton.

4. What was the original name of Wilbur and Orville Wright's store?
The Wright brothers were the First To Fly an aeroplane.

5. Obelix had a dog. What was its name?
Obelix also had a friend. His name was Asterix.

6. What was Charlotte's last word?
You could ask Wilbur the pig.

7. Why did Jason call his men "Argonaughts"?
Jason and the Argonaughts were on a quest for The Goldern Fleece.

8. What did the echidna put into the Wombat Stew?
One day, on the banks of the bilabong a very clever dingo caught a wombat and decided to make a gooey, brewey, yummy, chewey, wombat stew.

9. Who woke up one odd old owl?
In the forest of Nod by a slumbering stream, there's a tall twisting tree that grew out of a dream.

10. What were convicts often given instead of bread?
Grim Crims and Convicts were fed twice a day - but only if the weather wasn't too rough for the buckets of food to be lowered down to them.

11. Florence had an experience that changed here life. What was it?
Born into a wealthy family, Florence Nightingale could have lived a life of leisure and luxury. Instead she longed to be a nurse.

12. In which alehouse in Victorian England was the Football Association formed?
You'll have to consult a football encyclopaedia for this one.

13. How did the cassowary rescue Sisi?
Long ago when the world was new, a girl called Sisi lived with her tribe in the rainforest close to an ocean reef.

14. The first fish hooks were just bits of bone. What was the name for fishing rods in old English?
It is a super feeling when you Catch a Fish, but it's not always easy and there is a chance you'll catch nothing at all.

15. The mighty Amazon river, in South America, carries enough water to fill how many bathtubs in less than a minute?
You'll need to find out more about Rivers and Lakes.

16. Alexander had a dream. What was it?
It was a really Great dream.

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