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Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
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OWL Headquarters
Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap... I'm Specs and I'm in charge of OWL Headquarters. As you may know OWL Agents live and work at OWL Headquarters in the Library. OWLs, by their nature are nocturnal and should definitely not be disturbed during the day. You may be lucky enough to see one of the agents in a window, but please do not disturb them.

OWL Headquarters is where you can return any OWL ID Cards that you find. The cards will of course be returned to the appropriate OWL Agent and you will be awarded one (1) OWL Merit Point on the following conditions:
  1. The OWL Agent's class level is close to your own class level.
  2. You borrow the book in which you found the card.
  3. You write your full name on the back of the card using the felt tip pen provided.
  4. You post the card in the box provided at OWL Headquarters.

Please note: OWLs are very officious and check everything very thoroughly, at least three (3) times, before double checking. So don't even think about trying to trick an OWL.
OWL Agent Specs
Headquarters Manage
OWL Headquarters
May I be of some assistance? I am Jeeves, OWL Housekeeping Services Officer. It is my job to keep everything you see tidy and in its proper place. OWLs as you may know, are very meticulous in their work and they also like to keep their home spotless. Of course since their home is now in your library they have extended their extreme tidiness to its every nook and cranny. Heaven forbid if they find even one tiny piece of paper on the floor! You will never hear the end of it. I am sure.

Perhaps you would like to know something about the rather ornate building behind me? The OWL Headquarters was built by the OWLs from free plans kindly provided by Mr. Ray Keim at his "Haunted Dimensions" web site. Over forty hours of work was required to cut and glue all the pieces of the "Liberty Square" mansion into place.

Thank you Mr Keim. However, children, please ask permission before visiting Mr Keim's web site.
OWL Agent Jeeves
Housekeeping Services Officer
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