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Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
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OWLs in the Library
OWLs in the Library
Welcome to the Operation World Literacy (OWL) Web Site. As you already know, OWL Agents have flown in from all over the world and have set up a headquarters in your primary school library. Directed by "The Professor", OWL Agents have infiltrated all aspects of library operations (you may have already noticed OWL Displays, some OWL Feathers and even heard OWL Calls). Their mission is to  help you find the best books to read, because as all OWL Agents know, with the right books you can achieve anything!

There are many ways for you to make contact with OWL Agents, but you will have to visit the library and keep your eyes wide open. Unfortunately, you never quite know where OWL Agents are likely to pop up next. If you don't actually meet an OWL Agent, you might be lucky enough to find an OWL Agent ID Card. This means that you are on the right track and you can exchange the card for OWL Merit Points at OWL Headquarters in the library.

If you visit the library often and are pretty good at finding books you may also be eligible to become an OWL Agent yourself. You will need five OWL Merit Points to start.

There are many ways to quickly earn OWL Merit Points including:
  • OWL Agent ID Cards - Find a card, borrow the book and win!
  • Hoo's Hoo - Discover the OWL Agent's secret identity or other details and win!
  • Library Quest - Answer the tricky questions about your favourite books and win!
  • STOP PRESS - More competitions coming soon!

You can find out how many OWL Merit Points you have just by checking this site. The best OWL Agents can even win great prizes each term. For more clues, checkout the library, visit this web site and read the school newsletters for details.
But the fun doesn't stop there: On this site you will also find OWL News, OWL Games and OWL Posters:
  • OWL News - The owls publish a newsletter every week. You can find the all latest news here.
  • OWL Games - In their spare time the owls play all sorts of fun games. Now you can too.
  • OWL Poster - The OWLs in The Library Poster: Looks great in the classroom or at home!
  • STOP PRESS - More fun pages coming soon!

Remember: OWLs make reading fun!
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