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Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
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The  International Museums Weekend (IMW) is  an annual  Amateur  Radio event held  over the third  and fourth weekends  in June. The  purpose  of  the event is to promote the educational  and cultural significance  of  museums in  the community  using  Amateur Radio. Portable  Amateur Radio stations  are  set up at the museums by local clubs, societies and individuals and  operated over the  weekend with the aim  of contacting  other interested stations. The public are  free  to observe  and  even participate in the  operation  by picking  up the microphone and  having  an  on-the-air conversation.  The museum  benefits  from having  a  working  exhibit  promoting the museum  itself.

In September 2014 we set up our portable Amateur Radio station, with permission, on the grounds of the Melbourne Museum. The station included our 4WD  vehicle with a side awning  to  provide shelter. Tables were set  up  for the radio equipment  and  Amateur Radio displays and literature.

To commemorate the occasion, there  was an  on-air  IMW contact  between the Wireless  Hill Museum  station,  VK6WH, operated  by  Bob  VK6KW and  Denis VK6FADF,  and the  Melbourne Museum station. Speeches  were exchanged with  the  Mayor, including call signs, signal  strength  reports,  details  of the equipment, locations and  propagation conditions,  the significance of  the museum, the purpose  of the  IMW,  thanks to  all involved  and gratitude  to  the traditional  owners  of  the country.

We repeated the event in 2015, setting up on a table in front of the Melbourne Museum entrance.

International Museums Weekend at Melbourne Museum

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