Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
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We often support local Scouts and Guides by setting up and activating from outdoor locations, participating in Jamborree On The Air, Jamboree On The Trail and running special Amateur Radio events.  

ANZAC Day Special Amateur Radio Event to Scouts/Guides
In April 2016 and again in April 2017 we put on special events for ANZAC Day with the help of the Melbourne Region Cub Scout Commissioner Murray VK3MJT. In 2016 it was a great day featuring displays and demonstrations and a High Altitude Balloon launch. The balloon was tracked by the kids on their mobile phones. In 2017 we ran the event at Moorabbin and District Radio Club, this time with many out door activities.

Jamboree On The Trail (JOTT) 2019
We set up a checkpoint next to the Melbourne Observatory, near the Royal Botanic Gardens. Groups of cubs navigate to us as part of a trail. They check in and we radio in their progress to the net control station. Note the Exelis sign in the background, where Joe used to work.

Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) 2019
We provided a Morse Code activity and an Electronics Soldering activity, which were also both well attended.

Jamboree On The Trail (JOTT) 2021
We set up a radio-linked, trail checkpoint at Rushall Station car park in North Fitzroy. This year's JOTT was attended by 221 hikers in 9 teams. There were 5 checkpoints in total along the 6km route. Each was manned by both Scouts and Amateur Radio crews. Strict COVID19 rules were in effect. The hike went to plan with unusually fine weather. The team number, time and number of hikers, arriving and leaving each checkpoint was radioed through to the hike management team.
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