Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
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C4i Pty Ltd

SwitchplusIP™ C4i System
The C4i Pty Ltd SwitchplusIP architecture is used in Secure Air Defence Communications Systems for Air Forces and Navies worldwide and in critical public safety applications. Survivable networks are established using efficient, multicast, VoIP technologies over MPLS networks to interconnect national command and control sites.

Secure Air Defence Communications System

SwitchplusIP Operator Console
Systems Engineering Manager
  • Responsible for cost, schedule and technical performance of overall C4i Systems Engineering effort on multiple projects.
  • Recruitment, training and supervision of C4i Systems Engineering Team (6 Staff).
  • Business development, site surveys, requirements analysis & tender response - over 25 projects
  • Project assignments in USA, Canada, Singapore, Middle East
  • Mobile secure air-defence communications system for USAF - 10 systems.
  • Mobile secure air-defence communications systems for RAAF - 5 cabins
  • Fixed secure air-defence communications systems for RAAF - Regional Operations Centre.
  • Shipboard communications system upgrade for RAN - 2 shipsets.
  • Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting communications system for ASA - 25 airports.
  • Research and development, High availability IP network architectures
  • Original VoIP communications demonstrator system
  • Reviews&Audits: SRR, SSR, SDR, PDR, CDR, FCA, PCA
  • Acceptance Tests: FAT, SAT
  • Documentation: OCD, ICD, SSS, SSDD, RTVM, STP, STD, STR
  • IBM DOORS multi-project Systems Engineering Environment.
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