Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
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Aerospace Technologies of Australia

The purpose of the RAAF COMmunications SECurity Monitoring System (COMSEC) was to monitor and classify, for internal security purposes, Australian Defence Forces radio communications. COMSEC consisted of a remote receiving system, inter-communications system and six operator/analyst workstations.
COMSEC Analyst Consoles
COMSEC Remote RX/DF Site
Senior Systems Engineer - COMSEC
  • Responsible for systems design and hardware design.
  • Performed systems design and specification.
  • Performed preliminary and detailed hardware design.
  • Prepared the following documentation to MIL-STD-490/DEF-AUST-5085:
    • System/Segment Specification (SSS).
    • System Design Document (SDD).
    • Interface Control Documents (ICD).
    • Critical Item Development Specifications (CIDS).
    • Test plans and procedures.
    • Engineering Drawings.
    • Electronic Schematic Diagrams.
  • Conducted the preliminary and critical design reviews to MIL-STD-1521B.
  • Supervised equipment installation and cable looming.
  • Performed hardware/software integration.
  • Conducted RFI/EMC testing to MIL-STD-461C.
  • Conducted climatic and vibration testing to MIL-STD-810D.
  • Conducted hardware acceptance testing.
  • Performed the final installation and operator training at RAAF Richmond.
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