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Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
Julie and Joe Gonzales
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Gallery - Joe Gonzales
Please enjoy this light-hearted look at some amazing Australian projects and the equally amazing TV shows that inspired kids like me to get into aerospace engineering.
M7 Ikara, GAF's box-launched version of the M3 Ikara Antisubmarine Guided Missile. At launch, an anchor cable spins a flywheel that winds up the wings (elevons) into their flight position.
Nulka All Weather Active Expendable Decoy Vehicle. This is Winnin, the concept development vehicle, in its gimballed test frame. The engine was fired via an IR link, shown in the background. Three of the four white (ex-Ikara) servomotors can be seen on the Thrust Vector Control Unit. These servos drive control tabs to direct the efflux.
Jindivik on its launch trolley at Jervis Bay Range Facility, near Nowra NSW. The trolley has an on-board guidance system and anti-lock breaking system to control it before, during and after launch
Jindivik Remotely Piloted Target Aircraft. Specifications: Length 8m, wing span 6.3m, speed 1000km/h, altitude 65,000ft, endurance 2hrs, manoeuvres 6.5g
Jindivik Real-Time Flight Simulator. The pilot's console (shown) was laid out like the real thing at Jervis Bay. Dials are: Pitch, Low- & High-Range Altitude, Vertical Speed Indicator, Engine, RPM Fine, Roll, Jet Pipe Temp, Indicated Air Speed, Engine RPM, Range, Bearing, Fuel. Controls are: Pitch U/D, Climb, Level Cruise, Descend, Approach, Throttle U/D. L/R Turn, Straight, High Bank Turn, Airspeed Lock.
GAFers: Paul Craven, Roy Willmot, Colin Brownlee, Peter Tiktitakis, Vic Demchyshyn, Michael Prowse, Ian Lober, Steve Spence, Alex Moss, Rod Baldock, Steve Boothroyd, Ed Heim, Jan Vanderwort, Andy Kirkness, Mark Findlay, Robert Bodo, Peter Aldridge, Kevin Ng, Abe Azenman. Not shown: Brian O'Callaghan, Ian Oxworth, Gus Greco, Joe Gonzales (camera).
Sikorsky Seahawk S-70B with the RAN's Role Adaptable Weapons System on-board. The system was integrated at Rockwell Collins Government Avionics Division Hot Bench Test Facility at Cedar Rapids Iowa. Note the wooden "fingers" on the radome to check the ground clearance during heavy landings.
Hot Bench Avionics Test Team at Rockwell's Collins Government Avionics Division, Cedar Rapids Iowa: Bob Wilson, Garry Lemke, Me, Kevin,  Paul Jenkins, Tom DesChatelets, Dan Allen, Peter Holland, Larry Whitmer. Absent: Martin Hilton. Seahawk cockpit mockup in foreground.
RAAF Communications Security Monitoring System (COMSEC) analyst consoles. The two blue boxes on the top panel are Roland guitar effects pedals! They were the smallest and cheapest 2-second, digital audio delay lines available at the time.
COMSEC Remote RX/DF equipment being set up in the hills overlooking the RAAF base at Richmond NSW. This equipment was run from batteries which were charged by ten solar panels (not shown). The microwave link relays everything to the operator consoles shown above.
Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN). These are operators at 1 Radar Surveillance Unit at Alice Springs.

Melbourne City Link Electronic Tolling and Traffic Management System

Factory Acceptance Testing of the Free-Flow, Multilane Electronic Toll Collection System developed by Combitech Traffic Systems in Jönköping, Sweden.
Overhead Vehicle Detection and Classification System optically tracks and classifies vehicles through Gantry. Transceivers communicate with Tags. Vehicle Registration System images violators then extracts licence plate numbers. Lane Controller correlates Tags to Vehicles.
ETC Team: Ian Oxworth, Dr. Salahdin Yacoubi, Tommy Engman, Valter Turesson, Bruce Buczek, Magnus Westroth, Paul Borg. Not shown Joe Gonzales (camera).
Tenix Defence Aerospace Division is the Prime Contractor for installation of Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) and Electronic Support Measures (ESM) into the Royal Australian Navy S-70B-2 (Sikorsky Seahawk) helicopters.

Raytheon AAQ-27 3-Field Of View FLIR, Elisra AES-210 ESM/RWR, Northrop Grumman AAR-54 Passive Missile Approach Warning System and the Tracor ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispenser System. Rotors Spun In 2001 (6.7MB)
PS1405 Team: Sanjeev Sharma, Fiona Carmody, Arthur Mamalis, Tristam, Mitchell Lennard, Tony Miers, Gretch Dalli, Ron Alderton, Geoff Crozier, John West, Stelios Karagiannis, Brian Barty, Peter, Me, Anthony, Bill Chan, Nick, Julian Szaters, Danial Samarsky, Mariusz Pondel, Abe Foulidis
Redflex Communications Systems supplies the Switchplus™  Voice Communications Switch for use in Air Traffic Control, Air Defence Radar, and public safety systems.

C4i Pty Ltd supplies the SwitchplusIP C4i System for use in Air Traffic Control, Air Defence Radar and public safety systems.
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